Hello, How are you all ? sorry for the late post it’s about after 5 days from my last post, so today I will talk about how to Change windows 10 login screen? basically, Change windows 10 login screen is not a big task but many people what the desktop login screen with one image so this is a simple but very expected tutorial. So basically, we will change the windows 10 login background image.

Hope now you understand what is the login screen for windows 10? It’s the 1st page we have always seen after start the computer, where we put the personal password to open the computer. ( if you set up password for windows 10 )

For change, Change windows 10 login screen you will need a small software which is totally free so download the software from here: DOWNLOAD 

After download, the RAR file extracts the file and double click on “W10 Logon BG Changer” click yes if ask administrator permission. After open the software there will be an “image upload section ” called “Background filename appears here” like this image:

Change windows 10 login screen

Change windows 10 login screen


Now simply select your image (you want to use as your windows 10 login background image) wait for a moment you will see the preview and “Apply Changes” button just click on it and make sure it show the successful notification. That’s all you are done! Enjoy