Again we are going to give you some solution about different type of problems in computer

  1. Identifying different parts of a computer:

To know about the different part of a computer you have to open the casing of it. Lose the two screws from the casing and look into it.

  1. The main circuit board is called the motherboard of the computer. Power supply cable was in the back side of the casing. There are so many wires coming out from the power supply as red, yellow, green etc in color. Some of them are connected with the motherboard and some of them are connected with the hardware like CD drive, floppy drive, hard disk Etc.
  2. To see the motherboard processor finds out the cooling fan of it. Generally it is on the upper left side of the mother board. You can see it clearly for the cooling fan.
  • Ram slot was in the right side of the processor. Generally there are 2-4 slots as per the model confutation.
  1. To know about the sound card find out the place where the input jack of the speaker placed.
  2. As per the above way you can know about the graphics card.
  3. Again to find out the modem, land cable you can also use the above way.
  • The thin red, yellow, black or blue cables are known as power cable. White or red wide cable known as power cable.
  • As an ordinary pc there are power card, monitor card, mouse and keyboard input are primarily present in all pc.

The main benefit of different cables being different is you cannot connect the cable in wrong input.

  1. What to do if the computer not opens?

It is the most common problem of computer. It is not wrong that we run the computer regularly. For new user there is only one way to solve it. That is to meet the seller and waste extra money. Read the following points carefully hope your attempt will not waste.

# after opening the power switch carefully heard how many sounds the internal speaker was giving.  If there is one beep it means that the computer display is not getting the output. Again if the keyboard is not completely connected with the mother board this will also happens.

  1. If there is a big beep and then two small beeps it means that your mother board cannot connect with the ram. Change the slot of the ram.
  2. If there are three small beeps after the big beep then there is surely problem in the graphics or display.
  • Or if there are four small beeps after the big beep then your mother board or any important hardware was damaged or not working properly.

#look at your computer is it in sleep mood? Please note if it is blinking?  If it is not blinking and all time on and there is something in your monitor then the problem is minor. So don’t worry.

To be continued…..