Computer is the basic need of our modern life. We can’t think of our digital life without out. But we face so many computer problems to operate it. Here we are going to discuss about some problems in computer and its solution.

  1. Operating system loading time

It is a common computer problem. May be your computer is inflected by virus. For solution you can use a good quality antivirus.

  1. Pc was hanging often

If your computer was hanging or restarting without any reason then check if the ram was perfectly placed in its slot. If you are using more than one ram in your pc then make sure that they all have same bus speed. For system stability and solve pc problems it is very important to keep all ram in same bus speed. Again this will happen for virus also.

  1. Need help to open the cashing of the computer

It is very easy to open the casing of the computer. If you look carefully you can easily do this. There is 2+2 = 4 screw in the back side of the pc to open it. Before opening the casing shut down the main power supply. Remove all the plugs from the motherboard.

If you are looking from the front side then you have the left side of the pc. You need a square screw driver to open the back side screw. Then keep the screw in a safe place. After opening the screw take the cover from the casing. You have to open the cover slightly back from the side.

  1. Want to set up Wi-fi at home

If you want to use Wi-fi in your laptop then you have to buy a router only. If you want to use it for desktop then you have to buy extra adapter for that. Or take lane cable from the desktop router so than you can work with internet and networking. You can see two types of router in market. They are 54 mbps and 300 mbps. Router set is as like as internet set up in your computer. You can do it easily by seeing the manual. if you face any problem then you can takle help from the computer trubleshooting guide.

  1. Problem in Google chrome

If there is any third party ads installed in your Google chrome then remove it. You can also remove the browser history and cookies also. If there is still problem then use the latest version of Google chrome. Chrome releases newer and newer version every week to remone the chrome problems.

  1. Problem in CD drive

If the CD drive port was SATA port then change the port of the pc. If the CD drive was very old you have to clean the head of the CD driver.

these things are the common computer issue. Hope this will  help you.