The applications or games that we download from Google play store are often takes update. It’s not bad even it’s good that for those updates there are some impotents on those applications. But the people who are using mobile data only feels irritate with this auto update system. As for this so many data have been used. However you can solve this auto update problem easily. So let’s see how to disable Google play services auto update.

  1. Go to Google play store first.
  2. From the navigation chamber tap on the settings option.
  3. Then tap on the Auto update option.
  4. A pop up window appears with three option, select the first one as ‘Do not auto update apps’.

That’s it. From now you don’t need to update your smart phone apps. If you need any update then you have to do it manually.

For manually updating applications:

  1. To update the application manually you have to open the navigation chamber from Google play store.
  2. From navigation chamber you can see Apps & games and under it My Apps and games, select it.
  3. From here you can update your all apps together or you can update it one by one.

So now the people who are using mobile data only can save your so many data by stopping auto update system and when you get the Wi-Fi then you can update all your apps.