Only with a file compressor free software convert your 1GB file to 10MB only . Maybe you use winrar or another software to compress files but I can insure you about those software can’t compress this type of high volume. I think this post will help you a lot as many people want to reserve big files on there computer but for low heard disk driveit’s not possible to store much file in your device so with this software you can easily store thousands of gigabyte file on your single drive. And also if you have a online community or blog where you post/share movies or other big files this will really help you to keep your cloud saver to keep more and more file on same space. So let have a look how to compress you files with this file compressor free software.

First DOWNLOAD the file compressor software here ” DOWNLOAD NOW ”  and Install easily like other software installed .

open the software from your desk top shortcut . Select the file you want to compress and click on “New Archive” from the left menu and after selection you will get the full function that will show you what to do and you can customized anything you need to do here.

If you get any error or problem just comment in the blow. Thank you