Did you just search a website like www.website.com ? yah I think so ! because now a day we simply just search or put a website with address but once there was not any website with content like ABCD.COM/NET/ORG etc people only was connected with a website by there unique IP . So the web addresses made this so easy now to get any website because keep remember multi IP’s is not so easy. But don’t think now the website connection with IP is removed even it’s can’t possible to load website without IP we just convert the IP with a address. So today we will see how to get any website IP address and visit websites with this IP .

First go to Computer > Start > and open Run Dialog Box then Type CMD (RUN)

Now you will see that the cmd dialog box has been opened so just type the website URL with the commend like this : command: ping http://www.website.Com and hit the Enter button.

And simply you will get the IP of the website, now just copy this and pest to your browser and enter the website . Hope you will just find website ip address online .

Or if you need to find this more easily just got to www.getip.com and type the website you need to know there IP’s.

If you getting any error or having any problem with finding this please let me know in the comments I will reply ASAP . Thank you.