It’s really so sad when your friend ask about your computer configurations and you just skip it or just stand like a alien who don’t know anything about computer , LOL . Sorry if something like this really happen with you before and I hope after that you just get determined and search all the computer for the full configuration, So you get this ? If not then this post will help you a lot to let you know about your computer configuration .

Actually there is so many way’s to know about the computer configuration but I will told you a most simple way to How to see computer configuration in just a second. And there is a suggestion first, to never try to use any software for know about your computer configuration because it’s can get you lots of virus and hope you also wont this. So get back to How to see computer configuration .

It’s so simple just press “Windows + R” Button or search for “RUN” and you will get the run dialog box, now simply Type “dxdiag” on the commend box and click ok and you are done ! It will show you a box with all the computer configuration information’s .

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Thank you