We often heard that someone’s password was hacked. In year 2014 at least 5 core yahoo user’s password was hacked. For these types of incidents we have to keep our eye open in digital safety.

Now-a-days we are so much dependent on our smart phone. We save our so many important data’s in it. As we keep all out personal and important information in our smart phones so that we need a strong password for it and same password will not be allowed for different apps. There are so many apps in our app store so that we don’t have to face any problems to keep our password safe.

We can use the apps from the app store to keep our passwords safe because they are able to save enough amount of passwords in them. Dashlen, IOS are such types of apps based on android. You can download these apps from the google play store or app store at free of cost. Where you can keep all your necessary passwords and for getting the access of these passwords you have to give a master password. This master password has to be very hard.

For such types of apps you don’t have to remember all your passwords or face any problems. From these apps you can make so many strong passwords for too many apps and you don’t have to face any hassle to remember these also. There are so many applications like this type. From them the most renowned are: ‘keeper’, ‘last pass’, ‘1password’ etc.