What is payoneer master debit card?

Payoneer is internet based financial service which situated in USA. This virtual master card has been used in more than 210 countries. Now they are giving an offer of getting 25 dollar bonus if you open an account with a referral link.

Condition of getting $25

To get 25 dollar free you have to open your account with a referral link and then deposit minimum $100 in that account. After completing the deposit of $100 in that account both will get the 25 dollar bonus.

The thing you need:

18 years or more than this any person can apply for this account. For this one should need national ID card or driving license or passport.

Cost of the card:

Per month cost of the card is $3. But if you load more than twice then it will be $1. Withdrawing money from ATM will costs $2.15. if you want a new card or change your card then it will costs $12.95.

The way you apply:

There are three steps to get the card. First registration, second ensure your address and third taking the card.

1st step:

For apply go to the link below and sign in

Click here to Open account

Now click on Order your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card and then give proper information in step-2 and step-3 and give tick mark on the check box. Lastly click on the finish button.

2nd step:

Then they give you a email in your account where they give an option to upload the link of your national ID card. Click on the upload option and upload the scan copy of your national id card.

3rd step:

After finishing the registration process they will let you know that if you application is grunted or not within 1-5 days. If it is grunted then they will send you the card within 25 days in your given address.

Activating the card:

After getting the card log in to your payoneer account. Click on the link named “Click here to active your card”. Then give a 4 numbers pin number and click on the activate button. You will get a safety email in your mail account. You can know the current condition of your card from here. Thank you.