A memory card or SD card known for storage our mobile data and sometimes more and also pen drive is the same. But we use pen drive mostly for storage our important personal or business data, So this is very important that it will keep our data safe and can access our data anytime. But there is a problem we faced, when our very own pen drive or memory card not responding or not working, means it’s just gone. This really pains full when you lost all of your personal data so today we will discuss about a very lite pen drive recovery software free version. this pen drive recovery software free version is also recover memory card and any damage pen drive. The software is very lite only 1.6 MB and it will work 100% for you to recover your memory card or recover pen drive.

How it’s work ? 

First download the pen drive recovery software free from here ” DOWNLOAD ” then install the software with easy installing steps. After completing the install open the recovery software and select your desire memory card or pen drive, Then select the NTFS from the screen and select on “Quick Format”  then just click on start  now wait for the recovery and it will do!

Hope this memory card recovery software will help you  and if you get any problem with it please let me know in the comment blow.