Google chrome is the best popular browser than any other browser of Google. You can make this fantastic browser even more fantastic by using some extensions. If you know it or not that chrome browser have so many amusing extensions which will helps you in different ways. Such as it saves you time, use small resources of your ram or collects different links very fast and in many other ways it helps you. In this article you will know about some amazing extensions of Google chrome. So let’s take a look.

1. The Great Suspender 

More or less every chrome browser user knows that this browser uses so many RAM space so that we have to fall in a danger if we opens so many tab at a time in this browser. Basically those users who have small size of RAM have to face a great problem to use this browser. From this type of problem this extension can fantastically helps you. When you are browsing on chrome this extension named The Great Suspender will paused the other tabs without the active tab at a certain period of time that you have already set before. For this if so many browsers are opened then they do not take the extra ram. So that the users who have 4 GB RAM or less than this should add this extension with their browser as a life saver.

2.  LastPass

We used different types of passwords for different sites. The problem is, we have made so many accounts to subscribe in different types of website and to remember this website password we all time uses a common password for all account. This will be a very big reason to hamper our privacy. This ‘last page’ extension will helps you to choose strong password for any login page and with a master password you can manage all you passwords by using this extension. Isn’t it amazing?

3.  Giphy

Now-a-days we uses GFI along with emoji’s in different social media’s or chats. But it is hard to get proper GIF in proper time, isn’t it? To solve this problem you can use this giphy extension in your browser which will add a GIF search tool in your browser. So that you can easily find your preferred GIF as you wants.

4.  Feedly 

The persons whom are using Google reader are searching for this type of advantage so long. This extension named feedly will give you this similar type of service. Here you can easily find out your preferred source and categorized them from where you want to get the new feed and you can also use a small icon for this. With this icon you can find out your favorite category or feed without reading the texts. You can say that this is one type of RSS but it is so much developed.

5.  Grammarly

Grammar extension is a developed spell checker. It will gives you the opportunity to check contextual spell and grammatical advice. For this while writing in browser it will prevent you to make any mistake like its to it’s. Beside this it has a premium version which will give some other facilities also.

6.  UBlock Origin

Ublock Origin is an add blocker extension. It may not be the best add blocker like the other adds blockers but it does not use so many ram resources. Beside that it gives the user customized favor for each site by its friendly interface. So that must once try this add blocker in your computer.

7.  HTTPS Everywhere

Electronic fronter foundation’s ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ is a very important extension which transforms every HTTP website into a extra HTTP connection. With this you will feel so much secure.

8. Save to Pocket

Pocket extension is so much popular and a widely used extension. If you get an excellent article while browsing for which you don’t have any time to read then by using this extension you easily store that article in the pocket to read it later.