In this article we are going to discuss about how to reduce alexa rank of your website very fast. Google don’t update their page rank for last two years. So now the online marketers don’t see the page rank, they wants to see the alexa rank. Beside some add network wants a specific range of alexa rank otherwise the publishers do not monetize their site. Again we also see some add networks pays for the CVP. As example if their add views 1000 time then they will pay $1-3 for this.

The system:

Now let’s see what the system is. This is mainly traffic exchanging. This work is done automatically so you don’t have to worry. First register in this website 10Khits.then log into it. Then you see the word website at the left hand site. You get your visitors for your points. If user see your  website for 10-30 second then your 1-3 point have been lost.

How to collect points:

You can do this work with your web browser or else you can use the 10khits software. To earn point you have to click on the ‘surf now’ at the left side. Then one by one visitors come to site and you will gate points from that. It is not necessary that to see the tab. You just have to open the tab one side then you can do your other works as you want. You also don’t have to think that you are working with the 10khit software. But don’t close the tab. When you go to the website of 10khits we told you to download the software. You download the software from there. Then log into it. Click on the surf now button and minimize the tab. Then you can do your other types of work without any worry. When you start to earn point visitors will go to your site automatically.  and your it will reduce alexa rank ver fast.