If you a new blogger and wanted to earn money from blog in an add network then you are sure thinking about Google adsence. But it is not so easy to take add from Google addsence. For this your blog must be older than 6 months. Your blog have to so many contents and visitors. Your blog must have 500-1000 page view. And there are also so many condition to have an add sense account.  So you are dead. No you are not dead. Don’t care about the Google addsence and get add from other add networks. Publish those add and earn money from them. For targeted advertising you can also use these add networks. But the ads must be contextual. Contextual advertising will help you to earn much money from any blog site.

The top 5 online advertising network from which you can earn as an alternative of Google addsence are given below:

(i). Bidvertiser

Founded in 2002, Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks. They offer a large range of ad formats. More ad formats means more ads, more clicks, and more money. The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer.

(ii). Revenuehits

Revenue Hits is very different when compared to the other ad networks on this list. Revenue Hits won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They pay $10-$50 per action.

(iii). Chitika

Chitika was one of the top AdSense alternatives. Over time & with newer advancements in technology, many other networks have replaced Chitika. low minimum payout ($10 made via PayPal)

(iv). Infolinks

Infolinks is another popular ad program which is also very newbie blogger friendly. Infolinks offers many ad types & is popularly known for their contextual advertising.

(v). Popads

PopAds is a premium pop ad network. This is a good ad network for small publishers because they have ments. They started in 2010 & promise to offer 100% fill rates no minimum traffic require.