There are dozens of games which published in this year. These game gains a huge popularity. As the year is not ended at all but these games has already got so much popularity. So here are the Top video games of 2016 :

  1. Pony island :

This game released in 14 January 2016. This game is made by Daniel Mullins. In this game you have to play like a small cow.

  1. Amlichiyud :

This game was made by the company Harmonics. They have made it depending on the console play station 4. In this game you have to avoid so many astragals and earn points to move forward.


  1. That Dragon; Cancer:

This game is made on computer and MAC platform. It was made by the company Numerous. As this game is based on a story so the players have to spent their intelligence to play this game. In this game they focused the love and care of parents also.

  1. Oxenfree:

School studio was made this game to play in ex-box and computer. Some young boys journey and natural experience is the main theme of this game. The main specialty of this game is that the players say’s dialogue. That’s why this game is so much natural and enjoyable.

  1. The witness:

Anyone can play this game in computer and playstation4. To play this game one has to brainstorm his mind so much. Thekla enter corporation is the publisher of this game.


  1. Ex-com 2:

Firax ex-com 2 made this game to play only in computer. Sai-fai based this game is made in a very cinematic style. There they gave their full power to save their county.

  1. Unravel:

This is mainly a play station 4 and ex-box based game. The company named cold you enter-active made this game. This game gives the players so much pleasure with physics and the different characteristic of wool.