In this article I’m going to show you how you can use multiple operating systems in the same windows. Sometimes we have to use many operating systems to do our work. As example you cannot use Linux in windows operating system. For using Linux you have to set up this newly. But for this you need the old windows format. Today’s article is for solving these types of problems.

For this first you should download the virtual box software. You can easily get this by searching it in google. After downloading the visual box install it normally.

After installing virtual box you have to download your windows. Here I’m using window’s 7. You can also use Linux, MAC etc. just remember which window’s that you are installing must be in .ISO format. Next open the virtual box and go to the option new. Then you have to give it a name and select the version. As I’m installing windows 7 so I’m selecting it. Then the system tells you to select the memory. You can select more than 512 or else click the next button. After that go to the next tab click on create>next>next accordingly. Then it shows you how much hard disk you want to take. You need minimum 25 GB for windows. You can make it large if you want. Then click on that and select that size. Then click on the green button of that window. Now you get the window that you desired. From here show it the location of your .ISO FORMAT. Then click on the start button. After that your windows will start automatically and then give set up of your windows as you normally give. Hope you can understand the process clearly. By following these steps properly you can easily use multiple operating systems in the same windows.