In the past Google add a stock email app for android for their clients beside their own Gmail app. But now-a-days this huge tech giant company is giving the service to its clients of using non Gmail account in their Gmail application. For using this service the third party email must have to have the IMAP support. So let’s see how one can use non Gmail account for android in Gmail app.

To add non Gmail account in Gmail application first one has to open the Gmail app and tap on the hamburger type option. Then tap on the name of your account and you can see the ‘Add account’ option. Click on the Add account option and they will give you a list of different accounts to select which account you want to give. In this post I am using Microsoft account but the system is same for all. After clicking on live you will get a window consisting email or phone and password box. Give these things and click on sign in.


Then this application will take some information from you. Don’t worry, this information will you help you to synchronize. And at last it will again show your name and email. If you want you can change your name from here.

Now you can easily use your non Gmail account in your Gmail app.