The persons who have blog or personal website their first thinking is how to get more and more traffic n their website. For a blog site visitor is the main thing. So now I’m giving you solve of this problem. There are so many different ways to get visitors. From them I search some easy and right ways. If you work properly according to the tips you will get so many visitors. You will also need these things for blogging also. Here are the ways to increase your website traffic.

  1. After completing your site submit it in different search engine. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. From this the search scroll can easily finds your posts.
  2. Write unique article in your blog daily and give them to every one of your site as free traffic. Remember your post must be standard and big in size, don’t give any wrong information in your post.
  3. Share your blog and your blog post as a link in different social media’s. From those websites the visitor’s click on the link and get in your website easily.
  4. Submit your site in social book marking site. You can get a huge amount of site traffic from this.
  5. Join in different forums and give link of your blog in the signature.
  6. Comment on the related sites of you blog and give your website address there. But you must remember the sites must be high leveled. Otherwise your blog will get low leveled which you don’t want.
  7. To get visitor from search engine write posts containing important and popular searched keywords. This will get internet traffic for your website. You can use the Google addword tool to search the main key word.
  8. Attach RSS feed in your blog. This will also increase your visitor.
  9. Do guest blogging in different blog community. Keep the option of guest blogging in your website.
  10. Try to CMS your blog site as you can. As example in today’s world most popular CMS are WordPress and Joomla .

Follow these steps properly to increase your web site traffic.